About Me

I was raised in a family of six children and came from humble beginnings. From an early age, the principles of social justice and the value of giving back were instilled in me. I believe that in life we are meant to help one another, so that no one has to walk their journey alone. 

As a physical therapist for the past 21 years, I aid people back to health; as a mother, I teach that giving is greater than receiving; as a volunteer I work to ease the burdens of babies and their at-risk mothers; and as a model I raise money for charity. With my husband, I have established Brigid's Hope - a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to fund college education for individuals living in at risk situations, who otherwise could not afford to go to college. 

My husband and I currently live in Upstate NY with two of our four children and our dog, Cujo. My children keep me busy, but we always find time for fun.  We recently returned from a wonderful winter adventure in Iceland where we climbed glaciers, went ice cave exploring, and snorkeled in the continental divide! 

Mrs New York America volunteering

Why I model

I began modeling later in life because my mother believed my education came first. With an education, I could obtain a job, improve myself, my community and help others. It also allowed me to afford my own headshots and modeling classes. Being self sufficient was a trait of which I quickly learned to be proud. 

In working as a physical therapist for 21 years, I saw the tangible gains made by my patients, from school-aged children, to the orthopedically compromised and the elderly alike.  Empowered by this knowledge and driven to make a difference in all avenues of my life, it became apparent to me how I could make an equally valuable impact through my modeling: I would use my modeling to raise money for charity.

 In doing this, I can help raise funds, encourage the community to donate and increase awareness for a specific charity. Being a ROLE MODEL is more important to me than being just a model. 

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